Gifts for Women

Finding the perfect gift is never easy, and we must admit that finding the perfect gift for a woman is even more complicated. Make a great impression with a gift designed especially for her. Discover our original gifts for women! All women have their weak point, and if you surprise her with a gift she is not expecting...

Original Gifts for Women:

Teddy love you for your girlfriend

Teddy 25€

Teddy and Chocomessage 24 characters 35€

Breakfast for women

For 1 person 33€

For 2 people 43€

Romantic Breakfast for women

For 1 person 43€

For 2 people 63€

Roses for your wife

6 Roses 23€

12 Roses 29€

18 Roses 39€

24 Roses 55€

Bath scents for women


Chocomessage for women

24 letters 29€

32 letters 33€

55 letters 39€

Canvas for modern women

40cm x 30cm 31€

50cm x 35cm 33€

Breakfast Mediterraneo for women

For 1 person 33€

For 2 people 43€

Custom phonecase for women
Woman's handbag


Soap holder


Baskets for women
Silver bracelet for woman

Heart bracelet 29€

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