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Finding good gifts for photographers is not always easy. What could you buy for a person whose camera is more expensive than your car? We, as specialists in the world of gifts can recommend a wide variety of products. Dare to pick one of our products for photography lovers and you will be likely to see a thank you note on Instagram.

Gifts for Photography lovers:

Photo Collage Canvas

45cm x 45cm 55€

60cm x 60cm 59€

Andy Warhol Effect

30cm x 30cm 31€

40cm x 30cm 33€

80cm x 80cm 59€

Real Size Poster

Poster Actual Size 25€

Poster 90cm x 60cm 17€

Life-Size Stand-Up Poster

Figure in Madrid 75€

Figure in Rest of Peninsula 99€

Polaroid effect

30cm x 30cm 25€

40cm x 30cm 27€

80cm x 80cm 54€

Canvas 5 in 1


Cushion with photo

Cushion 17€

Cushion and mug 20€

Cushion double-sided 20€

Mug with your photo

1 Mug 6€

2 Mugs 11€

Scratch off World Map (giant size)


Top Custom Photo Album 21x15cm


Puzzle 252 pieces

Without box 21€

Custom Power Bank Keychain

1 Power Bank 10€

2 Power Banks 17€

Comics effect

30cm x 30cm 31€

40cm x 30cm 33€

80cm x 80cm 59€

USB Thief

1 Hub 10€

2 Hubs 17€

Custom USB Memory

1 memory stick 17€

2 memory sticks 18€

Rectangular Canvas with photo

40cm x 30cm 27€

50cm x 35cm 29€

Square Canvas with photo

30cm x 30cm 25€

60cm x 60cm 44€

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